HER Bar (Yoni Soap)

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HER Bar is 100% Natural Feminine hygiene soap bar.

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HER Bar is a all natural cleanser containing all natural products. No Fragrance, no detergents or chemicals, and no artificial colorants. Ingredients is Distilled water, palm oil, olive oil, organic Greek yogurt, organic apple cider vinegar, Moroccan Rhassoul clay, and Aloe Vera. Rhassoul clay naturally detoxifies and cleanses the skin and hair. Keep in mind ladies that feminine odor and itch are not only caused by the presence of bad bacteria, but it is also gets worse by a lack of good bacteria. This soap is developed with organic Greek yogurt which contains 6 strains of live active bacterial cultures. Organic apple cider vinegar is added to balance the pH balance, and Aloe Vera which moisturizes the skin.

HER Bar can be used as a full body soap or just on your lady parts. It will leave your lady parts smelling sweet and fresh! This soap is all natural and has zero perfumes, colorants, or chemicals.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3.1 × 2.2 × 1 in
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15 reviews for HER Bar (Yoni Soap)

  1. Darchelle L Williams

    You’re going to have a lifetime customer in me. I Love It!! Keeps my Girl fresh as the morning dew.

  2. Dana

    I loooooooooovvvveeeeee my HER BAR!! Fresh all day even after a serious work out!! This product is a must have!! All natural too!! Ill be ordering more!!

  3. Kenisha Williams

    I totally love your product! Women really need the feeling of being cherished and refreshed by simply cleansing themselves. AMAZING! FYI: Your photos are truly BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Keisa (verified owner)

    I had been wanting to try this product for a while now. I ordered two last month and I absolutely love the HER BAR and so does my nookie!

  5. DANA LAVENDER (verified owner)

    HER BAR!!! So fresh so clean!! Gotta have it!!

  6. Dana (verified owner)

    The HER BAR is the best thing to happen to my lady parts!!!!!! I know its something that we as women do not talk about enough but it is something we ALL have to deal with and that is making sure our vaginas are feeling fresh and smelling fresh! Let me tell you that HER BAR is the answer!! Become a HER BAR woman today!! Buy and try! Trust me you will not be disappointed!

  7. Melissa Hurt (verified owner)

    Makes yoni feel pH balanced.

  8. Kia Strickling (verified owner)

    Clean, fresh, and very easy to use. My PH balanced was on point!! Definitely a great buy for the ladies! 💜

  9. Houston Bush (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the HER Bar. Definitely will be ordering more of these every chance I get!! This bar keeps you so fresh and balanced and is so good for the ladies. Love love love it. Would give 6 stars if I could!

  10. Candace Booker (verified owner)

    Leaves my Yoni feeling clean and refreshed. I buy about 2-4 bars per order. It’s very important to pay attention to what products you use in your personal parts! Why not use something all natural?! Get you hands on one now!

  11. Joy Shopish (verified owner)

    The Her bar get you right with all day freshness! I have told all my lady friends they need to try it. The bar is so natural and never gave me any issues. I am ordering more!

  12. Kimberly Dew (verified owner)

    I love the simple clean and fresh scent….def lathers up great and lasts a while….Its the only soap I use for my yoni!!

  13. Tia Adams

    Best soap EVER! I used to swear by Dove, but just using the yoni soap for a few days while on my cycle, I already notice a difference. I will be buying more 🤗

  14. Monique (verified owner)

    For those going through menopause with the hot flashes The Yoni bar is excellent and gives you that confidence throughout out the day You may continue to have hot flashes but the Yoni bar and Yoni oil keeps you Fresh

  15. Elise

    Only soap u use downstairs!! The best !

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